Sunday, May 6, 2007

The End of a Era

I renamed my troupe to "Daughter of Anket".I first learned of her in 2003 and build a new choreography around a not so familiar Goddess.It was a beautiful piece.Isis wings,elaborate veil work,swirling turquoise silk simulating the Nile.Dazzling.

So who is Anket?The Goddess of the island of Sahal,near the First Cataract of the Nile shown as a woman who wears a crown of ostrich feathers.Daughter of Satet,wife of Khnemu.Together,they formed the Triad of Elephantine Island.Originally,Anket was a water Goddess from Sudan.Her name means,"to embrace"interpreted to mean her embrace during the annual Nile floods.

This year I changed my dance style to Egyptian more suited for a soloist, dumped the old choreography, designed new costumes(silk tunics,intricate gold trim,long flowing sashes all dyed soft&vibrant colors).They reminded me of the female attendants engraved at ancient Egyptian temples dedicated to their Goddess.The new troupe name just seemed right.