Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gettin' on the beat.

I love teaching belly dance. I love it that my students continue to fulfill my mission of working most especially with women of color, full-figured women, older women and more recently women with special needs. Because of my own disability it is more challenging for me to make it to each class. But, once I get there I am transformed by the energy of the women in the room. On top of that, I'm really happy to have so many full-figured women in this session.

I decided to teach two classes this winter. One on Tuesday nights and the other on Saturday afternoons. I changed the format by incorporating (with her permission) what I've learned and continue to learn at the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance. There are 8 week sessions ending with them performing at either a nursing or convalescent home or a Hafla. For the next 2 session they'll dance at a Hafla on March 9th along with dynamic performances from amateur and professional dancers

Here's the thing that prompted this entry. Getting students on the beat has got to be the most difficult thing for some students to learn. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It just is what it is. I believe some are just born with it others have to work at it. So my advice to students having a hard time "gettin' on the good foot"? Be patient. Do not give up! One day it just clicks and you won't even remember moving any other way.